Eva Funderburgh



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Wood fired porcelain
16" wide x 7.5" deep x 11" tall

About the process:
This original handmade sculpture has a ceramic creature, a walnut base, and a bronze heart. The creature was woodfired in a traditional Japanese-style anagama kiln. The kiln was fed with wood every five to ten minutes until it reached temperatures of 2300 Fahrenheit over the course of five days. The ash coated the piece, and melted into beautiful speckled glaze. The inside of the piece has been coated in black ceramic slip. All the colors of this piece come from the fire, the clay, and the slip. The bronze heart was cast via lost wax casting.

About the piece:
We rush so much in our life. Sometime it feels like perhaps, we're simply going in circles, held in place by our hearts.

About shipping:
Carousel will take some extra time to be prepared for shipping, and will head your direction in 3-5 business days. In case of overpayment for international shipping, I'll refund the extra.

About payment:
Interested in paying in Installments? Shoot me an email