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“Gnaw”, 2018
Wood fired porcelain
4" wide x 3" deep x 3" tall

About the process:
This original handmade sculpture was woodfired in a traditional Japanese-style anagama kiln. The kiln was fed with wood every five to ten minutes until it reached temperatures of 2200 Fahrenheit over the course of five days. The ash coated the piece and melted into an beautiful glaze. The bone that this lovely beast is chewing is of a paler porcelain than porcelanious stoneware that makes up the main beast. All the colors come the clay, the ash, and the flame.

About the piece:
Winter is a time for gluttony. Specifically, good-hearted gluttony. You find your friends and your family, and bond over delicious (or familar) foods. Food and drink oil the social anxiety, and give you a common activity as you catch up, debate, and chew the fat. There's nothing quite like sitting around, pleasantly full, in good company, while you pick over the bones.

About shipping:
"Gnaw" will be sent out via USPS Priority Mail within one to three business days, safely and securely heading your way. In case of overpayment for international shipping, I'll refund the extra. Order by December 12 for delivery by the 25th, please

About payment:
Interested in paying in Installments? Shoot me an email, and we can make it happen.