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“Maru”, 2019
Wood fired porcelain
4" long x 3" wide x 3" tall

About the process:
This original handmade sculpture was woodfired in a traditional Japanese-style anagama kiln. The kiln was fed with wood every five to ten minutes until it reached temperatures of 2200 Fahrenheit over the course of five days. The wood ash settled onto the piece, melting into a thick blue glaze, with drips and rivulets covering nearly the whole piece. On Maru's side are wad marks, the spots that he rested on during the firing, which dramatically showing the path of the flame. All the colors come the clay, the ash, and the flame, with no added glaze or slip.

About the piece:
Maru's name comes from the japanese word for "Round". And you know? He really is. He's absolutely a sweet ball of fluff. In his awkward adolescent years, his fluff outpaced his legs. They couldn't reach the floor. He's very comfortable with his shape nowadays, but he does still sometimes dream about the time in 7th grade that he tripped in front of his crush, and couldn't stop rolling for two blocks.

About shipping:
"Maru" will be sent out via USPS Priority Mail on May 15th, safely and securely heading your way. In case of overpayment for international shipping or multiple purchases, I'll refund the extra.

About payment:
Interested in paying in Installments? Shoot me an email, and we can make it happen. However, I can't reserve a piece during a shop launch! If your favorite piece is still available 2 hours after the launch, then we can set something up.