It generally takes me 1-3 business days to send off a piece. I typically send things Priority Mail, unless there’s a special case. I’ve estimated my shipping costs based on last year's sales. If there’s an overage of more than $5, I’ll refund the extra.  

  For larger/ more expensive shipments, I typically use UPS. I also generally require a signature for delivery on the large pieces. If you’d prefer otherwise, or would like a signature required on a smaller piece, let me know. 

International Shipping

  My price estimates for international shipping are my best guess based on my international shipments for the last year - which have varied wildly in price. I’ll refund any overage. (So if international shipping is $50, but it only takes me $20 to send the piece to Canada, I'll refund you $30). If you want an exact estimate, let me know. 


  I’m glad to work with you to purchase a piece in installments

 For a layaway, either email me at eva.funderburgh at gmail.com or contact me via the contact form. We’ll work out a payment schedule. I’ll take down the listing for the sculpture, and replace it with a listing for the payments. I’ll send the sculpture once all the payments are complete. 

  If anything comes up, and you can’t complete the purchase, I’ll refund all the payments, minus a 10% deposit. (This has never happened, but it’s useful to have a plan)

 Please, no layaways in the first 12 hours after a shop launch. Trying to change a listing right then would be too complicated.


  Sorry, I try to avoid presales. 

Custom orders

 Sorry, I don’t typically do custom orders. They stress me out too much.