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Tiny Beasts: Migration

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“Migration" is an ongoing collaborative art project. It involves hiding tiny beasts around the world, in locations where they will eventually be found. Here’s the details on getting involved!

The adoptions: In order to disperse the beasts world wide, I’m putting half of them up for adoption for fifty dollars each. This is what this listing is for! For that fifty dollars, I will send you two randomly selected beasts. It will be your responsibility to chose one those to keep and one to hide. Please limit yourself to one adoption each so we can disperse these beasts all over the world!

The beasts: These beasts are a series of slip cast beasts I’ve made at different wood firings. Each type of beast is limited and for future firings I’ll have different types. This batch of beasts was fired at Santatsugama in Seabeck, Washington. Some beasts are blue or even slightly pink- an experiment with colored clay. It's a mystery what type of beast you'll get!

Hiding the beast: Please leave it somewhere where it will eventually be found! Once your beast is hidden, please send me its city (or general area) and a photo of it in its hiding place. (I might someday make a book of the photos, with folks' permissions). You may also share photos of this online, but don’t be too specific about the exact location. Please use the hashtag #tinybeastmigration if you do! The goal of the hashtag is not to spark a scavenger hunt, but so that everyone can watch the beasts disperse. Please don’t include any information about me, the project, or yourself with the beastie.

The project: The goal of this project is to bring unexpected joy and mystery to the unknown person who finds this beast. In a way, it is a three part collaboration between myself (the originator), you (the hider), and the unknown finder. Without knowing the origin of this tiny, mysterious, found beast, the finder will create their own stories and theories for this unexpected item. By hiding a tiny beast, you’re creating a seed crystal of creativity - a tiny thing from which an entire fictional universe might grow.

Shipping: They'll be heading out via USPS first class mail