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Fliers - more coming in 2023

Image of Fliers - more coming in 2023
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One randomly selected flying beast!
These beasts have been wood fired, either in an anagama-style kiln, a train kiln, or a catenary wood soda kiln.
They range from 6" long to 3" long. Each hangs from a small loop of fishing line.

I sculpted each one with loving care, giving it a unique personality. The wood kilns then gave each its own look.

These ceramic beasts were part of a 200 piece installation, "Murmuration". This installation was the centerpiece of my solo show at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art during the summer of 2022. Now, these beasts are ready to travel to their permanent homes. They're each strung on a loop of finishing line, ready for you to display them.

I'm releasing one third of the beasts now, and two thirds of the beasts next year. My goal will be to use them to raise money to build my own wood kiln.