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The Peril of Beauty

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The Peril of Beauty, 2014,
Cast bronze with patina,
Edition of 1
15" tall x 11" wide x 10" deep

This beast is not part of my solo show. It will ship in mid July, 1-2 weeks after my sale, once I have time to package it for shipping.

About the Piece
"Peril of Beauty" comes from a point where I felt trapped by my own aesthetics. It was also one of the first pieces I sculpted in bronze. I tackled my qualms directly in this piece, creating an exaggerated beast in peril, trapped within climbing vines. Working on this piece let me understand how to move forward. Whether this trapped beast will escape, though, is up to the viewer.

About the process:
In lost-wax casting, you first create a sculpture out of clay. You then make a mold, from which you create wax versions. The waxes are then used while making a final, single-use plaster mold. You pour the bronze into the plaster mold, creating a bronze version of your wax/ your clay.
Unlike most bronzes, I sculpted most of this sculpture (the horns, the hill, and the vines), directly in the wax. This was a more risky process, that created only one unique sculpture - an edition of one.

About shipping:
The shipping cost is my estimate for covering shipping and insurance, via UPS. If the cost of shipping is less, I'll refund any extra. I can also delivery it locally, and refund you the whole shipping cost.
For international shipping, the buyer will the responsible for import taxes. I can't presently ship to the UK.

About payment:
Interested in paying in installments? Check my FAQ page, then shoot me an email, and we can make it happen. However, this option only becomes available twenty four hours after my sale starts.